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Schedule Breakdown


Ballet is one of the oldest dance forms and is an important asset to any dancer. Ballet not only builds the foundation needed to become a strong technical dancer, but a safe dancer as well. Students will develop their dance technique, flexibility, body awareness and discipline, through this graceful and beautiful form of dance.

Students are required to wear bodysuit, tights and proper ballet shoes; a wrap skirt and wrap sweater may also be worn. Hair should be back in a bun.

Pointe & Pre-Pointe classes are available subject to evaluation by teacher.

Jazz & Pre-Jazz

This high energy class takes the technique of ballet and puts it into a fast and fun paced movement vocabulary. Students will learn a variety of movements that will work on body isolations and coordination as well as strength, flexibility, leaps, and turns.

Students are required to wear bodysuit, tights and proper jazz shoes; shorts and wrap sweater may also be worn. Hair should be back off the face in a pony tail or bun.


Acrobatics is the blend of gymnastic and dance technique focusing on flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. In this class you will learn such skills as handstands, chin stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, and more all at each student’s individual level of experience.


Contemporary and lyrical dance  are becoming increasing popular due to television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance. these styles combine a blend of jazz, ballet, and modern technique often set to the lyrics of a song in order to tell a story through movement and emotion.

Hip Hop

In today’s culture, hip hop is easily the most publicized and known dance form. This class will allow the students to learn all different forms of hip hop such as popping, locking, house and much more. Come and get funky with us!


Tap allows for a dancer’s body to become a percussive instrument with the help of tap shoes. It uses jazz music and adds a rhythmic twist. Students will learn the importance of the music’s beat and rhythm in this high energy class.

Musical Theatre

This fun filled, theatre based class incorporates acting, dancing, and lip syncing. Students will learn how to connect emotions with dance, acquire jazz and ballet technique, expand creativity through drama and theatre,  and improve confidence, self-esteem, and coordination

Creative Movement

This fun class for our smallest rising stars, ages 2-4, involves creative movement set to music. In this class students will learn basic positions, movements and terminology of dance, flexibility, coordination, imagination, balance, poise, and creativity